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Tap, Tap, Tappa your Feet

Thought I would go a little lighter this week.  Maybe share a little joy, I am told tis the season for such emotion even if the drivers on the road do not appear to be very jovial.  Relax people, we are all headed to the same destination but some of us are not ready to go there yet.  I have a lot more life left in me and would prefer not to have it end because someone got pissed off when I didn’t let them cut me off on the 102.  “Slow down, you move too fast, you gotta make the morning last…”

Road rage rant over but just had to get that off my chest and now I want to listen to Paul Simon.  That would put me in a good mood that is for sure.  I always feel groovy when I listen to Paul.  In fact, my gift to you this holiday season is this.  I encourage you to go make yourself a happy play list, play it when you have to go shopping or have to drive to go see that one family member who isn’t on your wish list but you have to visit anyway.  Put some of what you love most on and let the music fool you into that better mood that is waiting just around the corner.

Good music is my drug of choice when I am having a low day or just want to bust a move.  I swear by Joel Plaskett as my go to guy when I need breakfast for my soul.  He has something of everything and speaks to me with his lyrical language of love mixed in with rock and pop and folk and….  The boy can jam it like its nobody’s business people.  As Joel says himself “Tell me why I got to choose which side of the fence I’m on.”

I snuck an alliteration in there, did you notice?  I was told recently that great writers stay away from that little trick but I am sorry I relish in how a good alliteration just rolls right off the tip of my tingling tongue. Hee,hee.  Just wrote that one out of spite of those who tell me not to do it.

But back to my happy, fun time, play list.  I got some Paul, some Joel and of course anyone that knows me will guess that there are several Madonna songs on there too.  Shoot down my musical tastes if you like but your opinion on the matter is quite frankly none of my business.  I like what I like and Madonna gets me into the groove and reminds me of a simpler time when expressing myself meant going to a dance with my friends so that I could strut my stuff.  Those were the days.

The rest of my play list would include ABBA, Macy Grey, KT Tunstall, Mo Kenney, Pink, and Bon Jovi.  I am sure I could round out a few more favorites in there but that would be a good start.

I am curious to know what would be on your top five super fun day play list?  I love it when you share, come on, do it.  Lets play together people.   Crank the music, tap your feet and count your blessings.  Its a fun exercise in igniting your spirit and I hope you find time to do it for yourself today or even tomorrow for you procrastinators out there.  You know who you are.


R.H. Downs


December 17, 2013 · 8:00 am

Merry F@#King Christmas: Unexpected Gifts

I was going to save this article for my Christmas blog but thought I should put it out a little early for personal reasons.  I hope you can take something meaningful away from this one.

 I really could go on in great detail about how The Power of Intention helped me.  That could be a book in itself but this for the time being is more about expressing my gratitude for the miraculous in my life.  Dr. Dyer came to me again during a very stressful time. It was the holidays or what I like to call Christmas.  It really can be the most wonderful time of year for some.  It is just too bad that most cannot see past the commercialism side of it all.  That is not a judgement but rather something I have fallen victim to as well from time to time. 

Christmas for my father was very special.  He kept the traditions alive for all of us.  No opening presents before Christmas, no spoiling surprises, and there absolutely was always a fight over who ate the most onion dip.  It was usually me I admit that but dad would always torture us by not eating any at all.  He would wait until it was all gone then go to get some and pretend like he was mad because we ate it on him.  I think it is funny that my boys do the same now.  Needless to say it is through my boys that I feel the spirit of Christmas again. 

 Christmas 2010 was a Christmas none of us wanted to celebrate.  We all knew, whether we admitted it or not, that this was the last Christmas we would have with our father, grandfather and husband.  We tried very hard to make it as special as we could under the circumstances.  We took lots of pictures, gave lots of hugs and kisses and did our best to stay strong for dad.  I saw that Christmas as a blessing among many, not everyone gets to know it will be their last one.  Some might not want to know but in our case we did and we made sure that the memories we made would be special.

During that time my husband still had not found work in his field and was delivering flowers to help make ends meet.  My compassionate leave with pay was long over and our only help was the little bit that my parents gave me which was truly all they could afford.   Our savings was gone and Christmas was just around the corner.  For the first time in my life I had to ask for help.  I stood in line at the Salvation Army and filled out forms so that my kids could have food and toys for Christmas.  Some people asked how that made me feel.  My reply back was quite simply “grateful.”  I was very proud that for once my ego was not in charge.  Normally my ego would make me feel ashamed or embarrassed that I had to ask for help.  Was it hard?  Yes.  But I was truly appreciative for their help.  Not only did they give me grocery vouchers but they gave me the biggest bag of toys I have ever seen in my life.  I had no idea.  I thought it would be a gift each.  And that would have been plenty.  There was so many toys in there that I just had to give some of them to other kids as well.  My boys did not need that much.  I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that I cried every time I looked at that bag. 

 When I look back to that Christmas I feel as if Dr. Dyer’s words helped me to stay strong and stay present in the moments that were really positive.  There was so much sickness, grief and pain surrounding me that if I gave in to it I knew I would have completely lost myself.  If it were not for moments of great support, like that from the Salvation Army, I know I would have given into my ego.    

 My hardest times were actually when I would have to be alone with myself.  My little one, Mason, who was 3 at the time was my saving grace.  God bless him he gave his momma so many hugs that year.  As young as he was he could tell that things were not right and witnessed one too many tears fall from my face.  When he saw me upset he would run right into my arms, hug me and pat my back and tell me not to cry.  It was when I was alone that I would fall victim to my ego and the looming depression that was waiting in the wings. 

 I am writing about this subject matter this week because I know that several of my family members are having a hard time right now.  We recently lost two more very special people not too long ago.  Last Christmas they were with us but this year there is just a big hole in our hearts.  I ask that you try not to live in the shadow of their death but in the light of the love that they gave to us.  Not everyone gets to know that it may be their last Christmas.  Find your joy, find your bliss and let your hearts feel love again.  It is there, I promise it is, you just need to believe. 






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Dear Dr. Dyer

Dear Dr. Dyer,

The only thing I actually remember about that first day when I became aware of your existence was that everything else around me was moving but I was completely still. According to the almighty Internet it was February 29, 2008. I knew that you were on a popular American TV show so I googled you. That was the day I first saw you as a stranger but felt such a powerful pull towards the words you were speaking that I had to just listen. You told your story of the butterfly. A story that I felt like I could tell myself regarding a similar experience I had as a child. I was 5, it was the most beautiful summers day that you could imagine and I was sad because all my friends were going to the local pond to go swimming and no one had invited me along. As a 5-year-old child my ego was bruised. I was alone in my uncle’s yard when I was greeted by a monarch butterfly. It was like she appeared out of nowhere. As she fluttered around my head I felt such pure joy, a smile came to my face and I forgot all about where my friends were. It was as if we were dancing together and I felt myself laugh out loud. My bruised ego was forgotten about as I lived in the moment of the dance of the butterfly.

After listening to Dr. Dyer’s story of the butterfly I felt a connection, a kinship and I felt such happiness in remembering that summer’s day long ago. I felt grateful that Dr. Dyer’s story reminded of a simpler time in my life. Of living in the moment of natural bliss. When his interview was over that day I felt as if he was trying to tell me something. I was not sure exactly what it was but I felt a connection to him, a calling. My ego quickly kicked in and soon I forgot about the pull I felt that day and went about being too caught up in my life to actually live it. Dr. Dyer and I did not meet again until two years later.  

Tune in next week for the continuing story of how a man who lives a million miles away transformed my life. If I had never met him I can guarantee you I would not be sitting here today telling you my story.  No one on this earth (other than my children) has inspired me like this.  If you have never heard of Dr. Dyer until today and would like to check out more of his work I highly recommend it.  I dare you!


R.H. Downs

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