The Year of RH Downs!

That is what my hubby said to me last night after a very low-key but fun New Years Eve!  He squeezed my hand and made me smile at his sentiment.  The faith he has in my dreams coming true is unshakable.  My number one fan.

Here I sit reflecting on 2013 if only  for a brief moment.  If I think about it for too long I will for sure get stuck in the grief of losing too many very  special people this year.  I am sure most of you reading this will share my pain.  It is a very tough road through grief that is for certain.

As I wipe my tears and let that thought go for fear of being consumed,  I am also reminded of the many gifts of love I have in my life.  I am blessed beyond words, I know this, and I allow myself to live in that for as long as I can.  Yes I fall, and I have bad days sometimes.  I am human, but if I didn’t fall I wouldn’t be able to look for a reason to get back up again.

I am very rich in spirit and surround myself by those who are equally as rich and often times richer than myself.  Together we help to pick one another up when one of us is feeling down.  I cannot always be there in person sometimes but I always have them in my prayers and wear them on my heart.

I allow myself to own my grief and use it to forge through into the birth of a brand new year.  I know there will be challenges ahead but I welcome them with the faith that good things will come and I will do my absolute best to give them all back, ten fold.

This is not a resolution as I tend not to make them but more of a new chapter in my life.  Or shall I say a new book!

Happy New Year Everyone.  I wish you all great joy and blessings for this new beginning again.  Laugh, sing, dance and do yoga regularly and I promise life will feel a whole lot better.


RH Downs


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2 responses to “The Year of RH Downs!

  1. Lora Lee Rowsell

    You and your words are inspiring! Thank you, we love you! Have a wonderful 2014!

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