My Writer’s Block

Now one would assume that my title suggests I am experiencing some trouble putting words on the page but in fact my writers block is something entirely different.  I do not have any trouble whatsoever when it comes to writing my very first novel.  The problem I have is actually finding the time I require to do it.  Don’t get me wrong I am over half way to finishing my labor of love but I am at the point where I just want to dive in head first and not come out until it’s done.  I know where my characters are going, I have a solid ending and I just want to inhale that big breath waiting for me at the end of my achievement.

I just cannot seem to turn off the voices inside my head,  they are screaming for me to let them out.  My dreams take me to the places I am writing about on a nightly basis and I feel that I will not be able to turn them off until my work is complete.  There are never enough hours in the day.

The flow of creative energy that runs through my veins is a gift that has been placed upon me.  I know this for certain.   I am but the instrument through which these stories are being told and if I do not get enough time to allow them to adequately come alive I know I am going to burst.

Turning the writing switch off is really proving to be difficult.   I need help I think, or someone to pay my bills for me while I write full-time.  And that is indeed  my end goal.  I dream that my ability to write  will hopefully give me the financial freedom I need to create new stories everyday 9-5 and not have to worry about the world falling down around me.  After all, this is the first book in a series of three.  My obsession with these characters will not disappear after book one I am afraid.  The Bride’s from Bridgette’s Cove will be my alter ego family until the day I die.  I have been bitten folks and thankfully it was not by one of the Salvatore brothers.  But then again, nah, never mind.

See you next Tuesday.

RH Downs

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