My Mental Health Day

Needless to say that the winter of 2013-2014 has been beyond wicked.  For all you snow bums out there I know you are enjoying yourselves and I applaud you for embracing your inner winter spirit.  When I was a kid winter meant sliding down the big hill, riding in on the pond on ski-doo and trying not to fall in the salt water while traipsing from ‘copy pan’ to ‘copy pan’.

As an adult winter means going outside in my jammies to start the car, making sure my boys are wearing more than a t-shirt to school and trying not to let the winter blahs turn me into the beast that Belle fell in love with.

It is the last day of February and I never thought I would ever see it come and go.  But it is finally here and I mark it by taking a Mental Health Day to help burn away my winter slump.  I had to, it was that or find the nearest snow bank to jump off.  The beast had been rearing its ugly head and I needed to find a way to tame him.  Getting away somewhere nice and hot is not a realistic option for me right now so the next best thing would be taking a Mental Health Day.

I am blessed to have an employer and a husband who supports my mental health as well as the rest of my well-being.  By Friday, which was the last day of February, I needed a Mental Health Day badly.  There are too many details to go into as to why things are all a flutter in my life right now but that is a story for another time.  For now I want to share how I did my best to pick myself back up and kept on grooving.

Speaking of getting into the groove, my morning started with some classic 80’s Madonna, the stuff I loved before I actually fell in love with great music.  Don’t get me wrong I love Madonna, always will but she is a performer, and not a musical genius.  But I always turn to Madonna when I need her the most. Lucky Star and Holiday will always get my party started.  I danced in my kitchen by myself while I made myself breakfast.  Coffee, fresh from my press was for sure involved and after I got my grove on and filled my belly I decided to de-clutter, that’s right I cleaned, well sort of.

photo (68)

Cleaning doesn’t always appeal to me as a way of trying to make myself feel better but purging is different, it ignites me.  I removed items from my closet that I had not worn in the last month or so.  If I had not some how held it against my body in some fashion in the last few weeks or so then it went into the bin bag to be graciously handed over to someone else who needed it more.

When I clean out my closet it always makes me feel lighter, like I am making room for bigger and better things.  3 bags full and then off to the shower I went to continue on with my day of self-love, and not in the way any of you dirty minds might be thinking.  I just took an extra few minutes to enjoy the hot water as it washed away my somber thoughts.

For lunch I decided to take myself on a date to a place where everybody knew my name.  Tom’s Family Restaurant.  I have worked there on 3 separate occasions as a hostess and I somehow cannot stop going back.  The food and the people who work there always make me feel like I am at home.  I had a few of my favorite foods, greek salad, calamari and for dessert the ultimate coconut cream pie.  The waitress tried to take my last bite of creamy goodness thinking I was done and I almost wrestled her to the ground.  “I am just waiting for there to be room, don’t take it, noooooooooo.”

Good thing she knows me well as we laughed at my threat to tackle her.   The ladies and gents at Tom’s really know how to make working hard look easy even though being on your feet day in and day out can really do a number on your body.  They take it in stride and do their very best to make your experience memorable.  I will forever feel connected to that place no matter where my life takes me.

photo (69)

After my delicious and very satisfying lunch I picked up my kids from school and took them on a play date with some good friends that we had been too busy to see for a while.  A kettle got filled as my boys used their imaginations and my friend and I got caught up on the comings and goings of our lives as the hot tea warmed our chilled bones.  There is nothing like the smile of a friend to make you feel better about everything.  Good friends get you inside and out that is for sure.  There was also a couple of blocks of british chocolate involved with our little rendezvous.  But we were careful not to let the kids see, they just do not appreciate it the same.  You have to let it melt in your mouth, and my kids “don’t got any time for dat.”

As supper approached we made our way home where I cooked lasagna from scratch for my family.  We celebrated our family fun night by watching Treehouse Masters, and Toy Hunter while we ate dinner together in front of the TV.  We don’t allow that throughout the week and it only happens on family fun night so it is always enjoyable when we get to chill and dream about building a treehouse one day.

photo (70)

The night came and went as we all settled in and slept in our warm beds.  After a day of doing wonderful things to cheer myself up I rested knowing I am blessed.  Good food, family and friends are the 3 F words I love most.  Without that love that holds me up I would be nothing but a spec floating lonely from moment to moment.  I use my Mental Health Day as a tool to remind myself that each and every day is a gift and what I do with that gift is what is most important.

See you next Tuesday.

R.H. Downs


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2 responses to “My Mental Health Day

  1. Lora Lee Rowsell

    Good for you! Stop the clock and breath, there is nothing better than a ME day! Just letting you know that I am always here for you! Love you!

  2. Thank you beautiful and I cannot wait to give you a great big squeeze when I see you this summer. xo

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