In honor of April being National Poetry Month I present to you a little poem this week.  It was my easy way out of writing my blog as this week has been CRAZY busy.  Have a little read,  think of your favorite poet and jot down a line or two of your own if you are so inclined.  Enjoy.



This week will be a free fall, too many things on my mind.

This week will be a free fall as I discover a different mountain to climb.

I close my eyes and imagine myself at the top

With many obstacles on the way forcing me to stop.

I recognize the bumps in the road as lessons that must be learned

But know that they will require a special kind of energy that have not yet had a chance to burn.


As the mountain stands in its grandeur I can hear something call out to me, tempting me to move my feet.

I do not move, I am stock still and I can feel the wind blow through me as if I were a thin white sheet.

Its drafty breath reminds me that it blew my way to help me move on, and on and on.

I open my eyes, the mountain still stands like a beacon of light urging me not to stay too long.

With my first step forward I know I am on the right track

As my mountain falls into Shavasana and I lay straight and flat on my now restful back.


P.S. If you have never tried yoga before than you don’t know what you are missing.



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