Oceanstone and A Foggy Rainbow

This weeks blog originally started out as a letter to my ego telling it to take a hike but as my week came to a close magic happened.  Magic in the form of a foggy rainbow.


Foggy Rainbow


Seeing this up close and personal took my breath away but I expected nothing less from the mystical breeze that blows over Oceanstone Seaside Resort.  This little piece of heaven has an energy that cannot be found any place else.  I visited Oceanstone for the fourth time this past weekend to attend a workshop with the equally breathtaking, Donna Morrissey.  I truly believe that the Universe answered my call when I prayed for a writing session with her before moving west this summer.   The marriage between Oceanstone and Donna Morrissey was one that was brought together by God.  I strongly believe that, as I take nothing for granted these days.

Upon arriving at Oceanstone, I was greeted by three different staff members each one with a lovely smile on their face.  They were all genuinely happy to be working there and it showed in the loving way that they greeted their guests.   The workshop did not start until 10am but I was there by 830am, eager to soak in the magic that stirs my soul and fuels my fire.  Barbara, the marketing coordinator, was the first person to say hello.  She didn’t scold me for being way too early but welcomed me as if I were her own family.

Barbara had to help ready things for the workshop but Grace was right there to offer me a coffee and agreed to watch my laptop bag while I went for a stroll down to the beach.  Breathing more deeply than usual, I filled my lungs with the kind of air that made them want to sing.  As I  slowly walked  along  the sandy shore singing “Face of the Earth” by Joel Plaskett, my eyes gazed upon the essence of a rainbow trying to fight its way through the fog.   The effort of the rainbow’s struggle was not lost on me.  I connected with nature’s story and went about my day feeling blessed and happy to be alive.

Back from the beach, I sat myself down on a very comfy sofa to enjoy the heat from the fire that Grace had roaring in the front room of the office.  I still had time to kill as I broke out my laptop and started writing.  I always write when I visit Oceanstone, everything just seems to flow better there.  The pull of the ocean was welcoming as I ached to put pen to paper.  I began a new project that took me back to writing dialogue, my old familiar friend.   I allowed the magic to flow through my fingers as I wrote what I predict to be a comedic hit someday.  A girl can dream right?  I always dream big at Oceanstone.

I managed to get some good solid work in before the other participants started to arrive.  Anxious to begin, I gathered my things and went inside one of the most amazing meeting room I have ever seen.  If Donna Morrissey was not so incredibly engaging I would have found it hard to focus.  The large windows that surrounded us could have doubled for seaside paintings.  Once in a while my eye would catch a longliner coasting the ocean blue.

The day really flew by as Donna had all 15 of us unlocking our right brains.  Some really beautiful words floated around that room, as one of Canada’s great writers revealed a side of herself that made us all want to share too.  Donna may be a little sprite of a thing but her personality is a hundred times bigger than her skinny legs and all.  What a woman, what a writer.  After attending a previous reading of hers a few months back, I knew what to expect and I was not surprised that she commanded the room once again.  An Evening with Ms. Morrissey.

After the morning came and went we took advantage of the beautiful day that was bestowed upon us and ate our lunch outside to enjoy a rare glimpse of the Sun.  The amazing staff at the resort once again went above and beyond serving us butternut squash soup, wild rice, with a choice of salmon and or chicken.  In my case it was both, I could not decide between the two and took a little of each.   I was not disappointed by my decision but could not finish all my chicken.  I did not want feel to logy for the afternoon session.

The wind decided to give the Sun a break and only let us have her shining brilliance for a few hours.  And like the celestial goddess, we only had Donna for a snippet of what we all really craved of her.  Many of us wished that Oceanstone would make Donna Morrissey a regular guest and offer more workshops, hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

Leaving my seaside pocket full of heaven felt like leaving a best friend as she went off to summer camp.  But in my heart of hearts I just knew I would be back.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit this little bit of Nirvana then I highly recommend it.  Thus far I have slept in The Treehouse, The Pines, and Dovekey.  Before it’s all said and done I am sure I will make my way through all of their unique and beautiful accommodations.  Oceanstone may reside in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia but it will forever live deep in my heart no matter what part of the country I am living in.


See you next Tuesday.

R.H. Downs










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2 responses to “Oceanstone and A Foggy Rainbow

  1. Dear Elephant Woman,.did you know my totem animal is the elephant? I need say no more. But thank you. Thank you so very very much. You fill me. You actually filled the room with your passion.

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