The Grand Seduction-A Film Review

If you would like a run down of the storyline for this particular movie you can read Jim Slotek’s review from the Toronto Sun.  His journalistic outline of the film is very accurate in most regards, but I didn’t go see this film because I wanted to write something typical.  I went to lose myself in the tiny harbour of Tickle Head, Newfoundland.  And I did just that.

Tomorrow I get my manuscript, Sisters of Avalon, back from my publisher one last time to approve final edits before it goes to print next week.  I have 7 more days to make it the best it can be.  Going to see The Grand Seduction made me crave my Newfoundland culture even more than I already do.  I could smell the fish stage and taste the screech just as the characters on the big screen did.  As soon as the opening sequences started with the view of the harbour I was hooked.  I felt the warmth of the wood stove as someone’s “mudder” served them pea soup.  Ahhhh the flavours of home, there is nothing like it.

The film had a handful of Newfoundland greats that we all know and love, Mary Walsh, Cathy Jones, Gordon Pincent.  How can you go wrong with that threesome?  Then throw in some Mark Critch and you got a rocking kitchen party like no other.  I am pretty sure I saw Pete Soucy in the mix as well.  I even think I saw Corky from Skipper and Company.  Remember that one folks?  I miss Skipper.  I would also like to mention a new fella that was brought on the scene for only a few opening shots, Percy Hynes-White.  This young man was meant for the big screen, how could he not be with the likes of Sherry White and Joel Hynes for his parents.  Look for him sitting on the roof in the first 5 minutes of the movie.  I have a feeling there are many more films in that boys future.

As I giggled the night away I was left with wanting more of everything, more Newfoundland, more Mary, and maybe even a couple more phone sex conversations.  I have your attention now, I bet.  Yes the scene with Mary Walsh eavesdropping on a private telephone conversation with the lead character, played by Taylor Kitsch, was something else.  A “Nan” type character sat listening idly by not knowing what Kitsch’s “machine” was while Mary Walsh’s lip quivered at the thought of Kitsch’s “machine” getting overheated.  A cheap thrill but a thrill nonetheless.  Life is full of those silly little things that make us think of a time in our lives that once was.  This film gave me a lot of that.  But it was what I went looking for and I was not disappointed.

The theatre only had about 7 people in it but I plan on going back next Tuesday with a group of girlfriends so that we can all be silly together.  Most of my friends here are also from Newfoundland so I know when the gang of us get together to go see this we will have our own little kitchen party on the go.  There is nothing like home and there is nothing like getting a gang of Newfoundlanders together to have a “time”.

The Grand Seduction might not win any Oscars but it was worth my 11.99 on a Monday night.  If you are an east coaster missing home this film will give you a mouthful of something sweet.  A morsel to chew on until you can find the time and or money to get back to that place that just makes you feel whole again.  Newfoundland is not just the province I call home but it is where my spirit was born.  I wear my red, white, yellow and blue with pride and long to feel her breath graze my shoulder and whisper, “Welcome home missis, welcome home.”

See you next Tuesday.

R.H. Downs


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2 responses to “The Grand Seduction-A Film Review

  1. Lora Lee Rowsell

    Glad you enjoyed it, I can’t wait to see it! It was amazing in French Canadian, loved it big time! Looking forward to that kitchen party here with you since I am finally in my own home to do it!

  2. Can’t wait missis. It’s going to be epic. Love you. xo

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