A Mild Monday Meltdown

My blog is a little late today.  I am still recovering from my meltdown yesterday.  That can happen once in a while. Things were piling on top of things and I just exploded.  It was a culmination of too much sugar on the weekend, Sunday being father’s day and the fact that there was a slight delay in getting Sisters of Avalon off to the printers.

Let me start with the sugar.  I have come to learn that sugar makes me wacko, if I eat too much of it I get cranky and then crash, hard.  Saturday was a rainy day and I planned a day in with my boys.  We bought some treats and watched Muppet Movies until I felt like Miss Piggy.  By the way, she is one of my favourite muppet’s but I think she needs to give up on Kermit and start dating Fozzie.  Funny guys always make better lovers.  And that’s the kind of crazy thinking that happens when I eat too many gummy worms.

Then on to Father’s Day.  Yes, it is a scheduled calendar date that society has put upon us to spoil the men in our lives and that is kinda cool.  But for the past three years my dad has not been available to answer the phone and hear me cheer “Happy Fathers Day.”  My dad has passed on and I miss him not being around.  I imagine this day can be difficult for many of you that might be in the same boat.  I get through it for my boys and my hubby and make it special for them but I ache on the inside and I try my best to let it pass.  It gets a little easier every year but the longing to hear his voice is still there.  It always will be, I am sure.

The kick in the arse that pushed me down meltdown ally was when my publisher told me on Sunday evening that there was a delay in sending my book to print.  It did not get sent off on Friday the 13th like I had thought.  Go figure, superstition got the better of me.  Apparently,  some legal papers regarding copyright were not completed properly the first time around.  I let the delay get to me more than I normally would.  I usually see obstacles as opportunities but not on Monday.

My co-workers could tell when I walked into the office that I was not myself.  They were wonderful, as always, in their understanding that I was not having a good day.

In order to get out of my funk I vented to my husband, who always knows how to handle an over emotional “me.”  I am happy to have him by my side, especially on the bad days.   I also contacted my Diva friend, who always gives great advice.  I feel like she should send me an invoice after she reads my rants.  I am not sure what I would do without her.   She also inspired me to do a good deed and make an appointment to donate blood.  An odd thing I know, but that is just what she does.  She inspires.  And after finding out that donations are at a low this year I also encourage others to do the same.  You never know when the vampires will attack.  But in all seriousness it is a great thing to do.

So now it is Tuesday, the sugar has gone from my system, Father’s Day has long passed and my publisher managed to get things back on track.  As I type this copies of my book are sitting in a printing-house, I cannot wait to get my hands on one.   Now that my meltdown is over, I can reflect and be grateful for all that I have.   My crappy mood on Monday came and went, just like the tides as change is the only real constant in our lives.   I feel that it is important to forgive ourselves when we do something “human” so I did just that.  I let my ego get the better of me this weekend but I will not let it get the best of me.

R.H. Downs




Luckily, I have “tools” to help me through these situations.

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One response to “A Mild Monday Meltdown

  1. Lora Lee Rowsell

    Sometimes it sucks to be human and have emotions, good or bad! How we handle it defines us and you are one inspirational woman!

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