Memoris of a Tipsy Author

Okay so here it is.  The ramblings of a woman who has had a week of highs and well, highs.  I got my book two days before I was expecting them and it caught me completely off guard.  When my publisher brought me 8 boxes full of a books, that I actually wrote, I went a little haywire.  Colours of love flashed before my eyes as I unexpectedly had to autograph, yes autograph two copies of Sisters of Avalon.  My publisher wanted one for his mom and one for his grandmother, both Newfoundland women.  I wrote this book for Newfoundland women, thinking about them reading my words made want to throw up.  Oh Wow!  It was all finally happening.

Fast forward to two days later and I am now having a party for my Nova Scotia supporters a day earlier than I had planned on because of Arthur!  Hurricane Arthur decided to join in the festivities.  It felt as if I had summoned him just like I did in my imaginary tales of the Bride Sisters of Bridgette’s Cove.  When you read the book you will completely understand my reference and the significance of a hurricane named after the legendary King that my characters are tied to.

So, it’s Friday night and I am all for “breaking out da Barbies” as my old friend Mrs. Gimlet was on hand to commemorate the event.  She was twisted with lemon and two drinks later I was ready to talk birthing stories.  I apologize to the young woman who attended my launch and had to hear all about labor’s 1 and 2.   After having two children I sometimes feel obligated to tell the world how fraking life changing it can be.  Not to mention how demons can enter your body when you get mad at your husband for not taking off his jacket while you are trying to bring his son into the world.  But that’s another story.

Hours after everyone had left I was still at the top of the mountain unable to close my eyes as I watched Nurse Jackie, waiting to see what Arthur would bring me.   In the end we got off lucky as we kept our power and all our branches.   He was not necessarily as kind to others.

So there it is, my blog that was written while under the influence of Gin and becoming a published author for the first time.

See some of you in Newfoundland next week and be careful what you say to me, you just might end up in my blog.  Just kidding, well sort of.  LOL

R.H. Downs

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