Rustic Ale’s and Dolphin Tales

Ahhhhh, September.  The month when I make my resolutions.  I always feel more alive this time of the year.  It stems from the back to school thing.  Throwing myself into a book was always and still remains my refuge.  I was the little girl who gave myself homework.  I remember being ratted out by my first grade teacher when my dad told her that he thought a first grader should not have to do so much work.  “Roger, she is giving herself the homework,” she said with a smirk.

I was also the child that did not relate well to my peers but got very excited and conversed regularly with Duso the Dolphin.  Duso didn’t judge and he was the favourite part of my day.  I have since grown to love chatting with people as much as I did with my little blue friend.



Even now, with my school days far behind me I still get that feeling of nostalgia for my years spent in a classroom.  I have come to learn that I don’t necessarily need a brown building to house me in order to satisfy my thirst for knowledge but I still miss it sometimes.  Instead, I make a list of the books I want to read over the fall and winter then go from there.  I look for events that might interest me and make plans for family weekends, date nights with my husband and plan a diva weekend of some kind with my girlfriends.  It is also Word on the Street month which is my favourite weekend of the month.  This year we are booked to sail on Theodore the Tugboat while the amazing Jill Barber reads from her new children’s book.

September is also the month when the Atlantic Film Fest is in full swing.  This year I am looking forward to seeing Danny premiere, and by Danny I mean the former premier of Newfoundland.  I already have our tickets.  Date night!!!  William D. MacGillivary and Justin Simms both directed this feature length film and I have been hearing great things about it already.

My diva weekend has not been planned yet as my schedule has been jammed packed with work, Sisters of Avalon prep for the national launch and of course family time.  But I have a feeling it might involve a trip to the valley, some rustic ale and possibly a Frenchy’s visit or two along the way.  Oh and a trip to the market for a pear and chocolate pastry thingy in honor of the original diva herself, my friend Trudi.  I can smell the apple orchards already.

This is also the month when I get an anchoring for my husband’s homemade red wine.  I enjoy the heat it brings to my cheeks as I sip from a large wine glass that is almost the same width as my head.  Size does matter people and one if often enough.

With so many things to look forward to I count my blessings one by one and promise myself to live in each and every moment of the good times.  Life can change with one quick breath or a phone call late in the night.  Last September I got that dreaded call when a family member was taken from us unexpectedly and he was only 27.  I will never forget my cousin Shannon and will enjoy this month in his honour by doing things we both loved, like taking in a film, drinking a pumpkin spiced latte and dancing in my kitchen to Madonna when no one else is watching.  Life is for the living as they say and those that have gone before us are reminders that it should not be taken for granted.  So if you are complaining about how cool the air has become and that summer came and went too fast, suck it up and put on a sweater.

Happy September everyone, until next week.


R.H. Downs




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2 responses to “Rustic Ale’s and Dolphin Tales

  1. Lora Lee Rowsell

    Dido! Could not said it better myself! So happy that we had a chance to chat yesterday, it was like a breath of fresh air.

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